Kuna Facts and History


The name of Panama comes from a Kuna word. Originally the word was panabá, which means little farther.

The Kuna Indian Revolution Against Panama

Back in 1895 the government of Panama sent Panamanian police into different Kuna Indian villages. The reason for that was to protect the Kuna Indians. But the police started abusing the Kuna. They tried to force the Kuna women to change their traditional dress to western clothes. They started stealing coconuts from the Kuna. They illegally fished in Kuna waters. These abuses of power continued for seven years.

The Kuna Indians got tired of the abuse, so they decided to get rid of the Panamanian police, through a war of revolution.

Extraterrestrials in Kuna History

The Kuna were visited by aliens a long, long time ago. In that time the Kuna had no language, didn't know how to build houses, and didn't know how to fish. In other words they were not yet civilized. There two aliens...

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