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Kuanidup Lodge

Isla Kuanidup is Robinson Crusoe-type lodging. The island is located in the San Blas, or Kuna Yala archipelago of Panama, 370 islands inhabited by the descendants of the feared Carib Indians, but this time they are peaceful, autonomous and very friendly.

The small island (as large as a soccer field) is fringed with palms strung with hammocks that look picture-perfect in their symmetry. The island is ringed with pure white sandy beach and surrounded by corals; the owner and his crew rake the white sand into Zen-like perfection each morning.

Cabins are small, with a little foyer, sand floors, and a foam mattress. Choose a south-facing cabin, the north-facing ones take the brunt of the wind. Bathrooms (both showers and toilets) are shared, and there is no electricity here, but there are solar panels, and at night they have kerosene lamps to look more romantic for the guests.

Kuanidup serves seafood only. (Prearrange meat or vegetarian dishes beforehand.) There is also a volleyball net, a spacious eating area, and a set of covered picnic tables. Cold soft drinks and beer are for sale from the lodge kitchen at reasonable prices. Although all meals are included, guests will be well off by bringing snacks and wine.

It is recommended that you bring money in small bills, a flashlight, mask/fins, music, sun lotion, a good book and magazine! The owner Petita Ayarza also has an uninhabited island in front of Kuanidup if you want to really live the castaway island lifestyle for a day.

Getting to Kuanidup Island Lodge is easy. Just fly into Panama City, then book a flight with Aeroperlas or Air Panama. These two companies offer daily flights to Rio Sidra. At Rio Sidra, you will be picked-up in a Cayuca (dugout canoe) by one of our boatmen for the 25 minute boat ride to Kuanidup. Breakfast will be waiting for you!


$95.00 a night per person.


  • Kuna Congress, San Blas port and all community taxes
  • Tour to Dog Island, where you can discover and snorkel a ship sunk in the 1940s
  • Community tour, where you can observe Kuna women making molas, meet the Kuna chief and experience everyday Kuna life
  • A visit to the island with a single coconut palm
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Rates do not include transportation by car or air to San Blas, or alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Cabaņas Kuanidup
Isla Kuanidup, Around Rio Sidra

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